LTGT offers little tiny good things for both children and adults -- gifts, books, family activities, learning experiences and more. Our job is to help you find ways to scatter joy, to remember how to be happy.
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About LTGT

We believe happiness is a learned trait—and thankfully, one that you’re never too young or old to learn. Get to know the founders of LTGT and learn about the LTGT mission

Teacher Kits

Designed especially for teachers, our critter kits make an engaging and fun-filled LTGT bulletin board. This classroom activity has a focus on positive behavior, art, writing and creativity.


Little Tiny Good Things, the storybook version of the LTGT mission. A wonderful message for both young and old, our story and illustrations lead the reader down the path of looking for—and finding—little tiny good things.

Fuzzy Critters

Fuzzy critters are the mascots for Little Tiny Good Things. Three different characters that can hang on a backpack or belt loop, or sit as quiet reminders on a computer or shelf.


Writing is an excellent way to remember the good things that happen each day. Our pocket-size journals come in four cover styles suitable for both kids and adults.

Fun Packs

Get the book, journal and critter together! Our LTGT fun packs are perfect gifts to introduce someone to the LTGT concept.

Kid Activities

Simple activities and games help kids focus on the little tiny good things.  We’re here to help parents and teachers find ways to promote the positive each day.